Of Melbourne, Florida

To the Wah Lum Kung Fu and Tai Chi of Melbourne Florida Website. We will provide you with information on the Wah Lum Kung Fu system, Chinese Martial Arts in general, and specific details about our classes.

UPDATE TO STUDENTS: The school is open for training. New safety protocols are in place and will be explained when you return to training.

Sifu Harry Wai Chi Lo (盧 偉 志)
is a member of the Wah Lum Kung Fu of USA association of Martial Arts Instructors.

He teaches Traditional Northern Praying Mantis style Kung-Fu (Jut Sow Tong Long 摔 手 螳 螂 拳) in Melbourne, Florida. Sifu Lo has been in the same location since 1992.

Sifu Lo also teaches classes in Yang (揚 家) and Chen (陳 家) family Tai-Chi (太 拯) Ba Gua (八 扑) as well as hard (Iron Palm 鐵 沙 掌) and soft (meditative 軟) Chi-Gung (氣 功). He promotes training with strong philosophy based theories and of the highest quality in authentic martial traditions.
Sifu James DeFillips
The school offers a well-rounded Traditional Chinese Martial Arts program that emphasizes character development, self-improvement, and individual accomplishment. We teach the philosophy that self-discipline and respect are of the utmost importance.

Our instructors are dedicated to providing well-rounded traditional Kung Fu & Tai Chi programs that emphasize character development, self-improvement, and individual accomplishment. A Chinese Martial Arts school that offers an unique training taught with passion, dignity and unmatched precision.