Of Melbourne, Florida


Thank you for your interest in the Wah Lum Kung Fu and Tai Chi School. We are a traditional school of Chinese Martial Arts with the goal to pass on the ancient arts of Northern Praying Mantis System and Tai Chi Chuan.

Our school strongly emphasizes the value of the arts, the true meaning and application of the system. We teach not only the physical aspect, which includes flexibility, health, correct usage of defense and martial application movement, and bodycoordination. We also intend to educate the true characters of the art, which includes the understanding of social attitude, manners, discipline, and insecurities, to better improve self esteem and to become a stronger role model. Philosophy and history of martial arts are also part of our curriculum.

We offer the following programs for students.


Kung Fu Program / Children’s Kung Fu Program
  • Physical fitness
  • Forms training
  • Ancient weapons usage
  • Basic martial arts
  • Self defense technique
  • Sparring (optional)
  • Philosophy and martial arts history study
  • Palm technique (advanced students only)

Through a dedicated curriculum, students will be encouraged and motivated to become a better individual. Respect, integrity, and interest for the common good of mankind. Learn cultural and ethnic aspects, as well as how to apply Kung Fu into every day life. Major curriculum includes:

Additional opportunities are available for “die-hard” students who are interested in extra-curriculum training, such as tournament competition, martial arts demonstration team, Lion dance team, social get togethers, or additional training.

Tai Chi Program


Tai Chi Chuan, an internal training system of Chinese martial arts, not only develops outer muscular strength, but also inner awareness and the coordination of the entire body. Major curriculum includes:

  • Posture, balance, agility, and circulation
  • Mental concentration
  • Harmonize breath and physical movement
  • Yang style Tai Chi Form training
  • Cheng style Tai Chi Form training
  • Tai Chi swords form training